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“This resturaunt never lets me down, no matter if you know what you want or just point at the menu, whatever you get trust and believe, it gonna be great, staff is great also, I love this place!!!”

Joe S., Guadalajara Hacienda West

“This place has been my #1 place to eat. Love the service as well as the food…. Don’t forget the drinks too.”

Diana L., Guadalajara Del Centro

“Very good food! I have always enjoyed eating at the restaurant. The portions seem to always be more than you can eat. If you ever find yourself in The Woodlands, do stop by, you want be disappointed!! Stop in and get full! “

David R., Guadalajara Hacienda The Woodlands

“Amazing food, great service, staff is friendly. Chicken Quesadillas are too yummy. Ambience is excellent.”

Manu B., Guadalajara Mexican Grille

“Food was great, shrimp and grits, fire-grilled Mahi, and green sauce for chip was awesome!”

Craig V., Guadalajara Del Centro

“We eat here all the time and it’s always a treat. The food is served hot and fresh and waiters are attentive. The chicken fajitas are my favorite and the wife likes the quesadillas. “

Ray F., Guadalajara Hacienda The Woodlands

“Food was amazing, service was great we came early and beat the later dinner crowd. Our group was about 14 people total. Happy hour was appreciated and drinks were strong!! Delicious!! Good price!!”

Nicole H., Guadalajara Del Centro

“Great food, great staff, FANTASTIC quail dishes. I strongly recommend adding a quail to your dish or just ordering the Southern Quail Entree”

Ryan G., Guadalajara Hacienda West

“It my kids and I first time ever eating that this restaurant and we enjoyed the food. Our waiter was excellent and the manager showed us love as well. We will be back! “

Sheila G., Guadalajara Hacienda The Woodlands

“Best restaurant. I eat here all the time and the service is great. I always go with my family and we always walk out satisfied. This restaurant is truly underrated. “

Tiffany L., Guadalajara Mexican Grille

“My favorite restaurant in Houston. Great food, amazing service, family friendly. Seriously good margaritas. You will never get to the bottom of your tea glass or chip basket because someone is by for regular refills. Fajitas are my go-to order, with extra tortillas because they are fresh made right there in the dining room.”

Charlotte K., Guadalajara Hacienda West

“We love this place. The food is awesome and happy hour is the best. Staff are also very attentive and make a meal more enjoyable.”

Sarah J., Guadalajara Mexican Grille